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True Cost of SEO

Since the beginning of search engine optimization, it is very hard to provide answers to a basic question “What is the true cost of SEO?” Or “How much does SEO cost you?” Countless numbers of people providing SEO services and even business owners are struggling to...

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Why You Need To Be Getting Website Analytics

WHY YOU NEED TO BE GETTING WEBSITE ANALYTICS Web analytics has had a major part in the development of an online business and marketing plan. It has integrated with the system to provide the essential data that is required by the company. Analyzing the traffic of a...

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Web design is the process of creating the outlook of the webpage that will be displayed on the internet. Everything present on your websites such as the contents, personalized looks, and the working is controlled by the method of web design. It is a specific method or...

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SEO Basics Guide

How to Rank on Search Engines with Proven SEO Tactics   Many small business owners assume that without a marketing degree, they aren’t equipped to handle online marketing for their business. However, it’s easier to boost traffic to your website and convert clicks...

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Top 10 Entrepreneurs Article

Check out the article written about our Founder/CEO, Joey Preston! Digital Performance has allowed Joey to get himself included in a list of the top 10 entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2019. This article includes Digital Performance's specialties in Website Design...

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Future Sharks Article

Check out the interview conducted about our CEO/Founder, Joey Preston! He gave insight as to why he started this company, website design, search engine optimization, and digital marketing trends.

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