Is your business identity lacking unity? Are you tired of not having your company be a recognizable name? Branding is an underrated but useful aspect of the business world that a lot of companies don’t put much thought into. Here at Digital Performance, we take our branding very seriously. From logo design to packaging, let us help you figure out your identity that represents the company personality.

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Branding Aspects

What Makes Our Branding Standout?

A lot of people think branding just means slapping some colors together and saying use these to get better recognition. It goes way beyond that. We sit down with you to create the exact look and feel that your company should have in order to gain your respective clientele.

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Memborable Logos

With the Digital Performance team, you are getting something that is truly unique to you. Logos represent your company and business as a whole. As the likes of Disney, Coca-Cola, Apple. All these logos are etched in our brains and there is no reason that yours shouldn’t.

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Attractive Color Palletes

Colors are underrated when it comes down to it. Colors subconsciously make us feel a certain way and this is why serious thought and decision go into making up a color palette. Picking your favorite color isn’t always the best choice as your brand needs a purpose behind it.

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Professional Typography

Times New Roman, Calibri. Everyone has seen and knows these fonts. They aren’t exciting. They don’t stand out. So why use them in your brand identity? You shouldn’t. A lot of work is put in on our end to find you the correct typography that best fits and flows with your brand identity.


Clear Brand Purpose

Purpose. Everyone needs it. And yes, that does mean your brand as well. Your brand needs a purpose behind it. It needs a why. Without it, your branding identity will be lost or look like it was just thrown together with no thought behind it. We will work with you to create a vision for your brand.


Market Research

A lot of your identity lies within your industry. We look at top competitors and the world’s best in that industry to see what they are doing right and to see what we can improve upon for your brand. With the correct research, we can come up with an identity that will stand out among anyone.

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On-Brand Personality

“With great branding comes great personality.” That quote may be off but it is true. When you have a great brand, it automatically creates its own personality to use. This is a characteristic to take into consideration when creating your brand. How do you want to be known?

Brand Identity

Not just colors thrown together.

Yes, the logo looks good. But there is a lot of thought and research that goes into something like this before making a true identity. The logo is just the start, there is a lot involved in the process but we are ready to help you create your brand identity.

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