Cost of Poor Web Design

Cost Of Poor Web Design

Web design is the process of creating the outlook of the webpage that will be displayed on the internet. Everything present on your websites such as the contents, personalized looks, and the working is controlled by the method of web design. It is a specific method or process of building, planning, and more importantly conceptualizing the group of electronic data and files to further determine the styling and layout of your webpage. Various aspects are needed to be taken care of like graphics, color, structure, text styles, images, and other multimedia content. It is also done by using various interactive tools and features to deliver astonishing web pages to your website followers and visitors. The work of designing a website is normally handed over to a professional designer to make your website look appealing and have a well-planned structure. But many people think that designing a website is an easy thing to do. They just tend to create some pages, throw some content together, and put it online which doesn’t have much to offer to the visitors. They just ruin their website and business to save some money. This comes in the category of a poor web design that just sucks up your time and money but doesn’t provide you with any output. Let’s take a look at some facts related to poor web designing and further how it affects your work and business.


Website looks and user interface matters when it comes to increasing visitors to your website. Poor web design can ruin everything for you. It may save you some pennies, but it will affect the performance of the website and your business. Let’s see some factors that can damage your website.

  • Loading Time – The customers and visitors who are visiting a website will always expect the website to properly load in a couple of seconds, so they don’t have to wait to get the resources. If the web page is only partially loaded, they will tend to wait for 9 to 10 seconds before moving out of the website. If they didn’t get the resources within this time interval, then they will back out from that page and will probably restrict themselves from coming back to that website. If the website fully opens up in not more than 2 to 3 seconds, then the conversion rate will reach its peak. After this, every second later will result in a drop in conversion rates and you can expect this at the rate of 7% per second.
  • Homepage Design – The first impression of anything is very important. The better the impression you will put on your customers, the more conversion rates will increase with higher speeds. The homepage of your website should always be neat and clean with an appealing and simple style. But bad web design will just leave dreams for you and nothing else. The UI of a poorly designed website is dull and looks awful. This can make your visitors leave your website in an instant. This will instantly drop the conversion rate to nothing for your website.
  • User Interface – As we get on with the first impression of the website, the poor web design is not only limited to the design of the homepage. You also have to maintain your inner pages of the website to engage the audience with your content and spend more time on your website. Poor design of a web page doesn’t take care of the inside pages of your website which damages its reputation of it. Most of the population visits a webpage by searching for some content or by clicking on the link displayed on other websites for reference. If they land on some webpage where the interface is too rough and unmanaged, then they will instantly move out from that page and may never visit again, reducing the traffic on the website.
  • Website Layout – The website should look attractive from the very first page and continue to the very last content of your webpage. A past study of website traffic shows that almost 38% of the visitors that visit a website tend to leave in mere seconds due to the unmanaged layout of the website and they don’t find it attractive enough to keep them engaged for even a short amount of time. Poor web design is a perfect example of describing this situation. It just wastes the money and time of the website owner.
  • Device Flexibility – As we are getting involved in the smartphone era, the number of smartphone users is immensely rising every minute. People find it easy to open a website on their portable gadgets rather than using more big and heavy laptops and computers. The website should be improvised for providing better access through mobile phones on smaller screen sizes. The better it looks on that small screen, the farther your website conversion rate will move. It should be pleasing to the eyes of the visitors and they should find it easy and responsive to their touch.


  • Bloatware – Visitors like to visit those websites which are neat and clean and provide better responses to their needs. But poorly designed websites are bloated with lots of widgets that are not of any use to the visitors. They find it unnecessary and sometimes hate the filled screens. It contains some ill-programmed widgets, unusual graphics that are uncompressed, lots of ads, and too many images on a single page that very much offends your visitors.
  • Auto-playing Multimedia – Sometimes, you will find some websites that are having multiple audio and video files that get auto-played. This tends to irritate your visitors most of the time and they find it unnecessary as these suck up data from the visitor’s data pack and create problems for those who are running out of data caps.
  • Unmanaged Navigation – Visitors get annoyed due to various confusing aspects of navigation on the websites. It also disrupts the user interface of that website. Visitors tend to close that webpage instantly due to so much hassle that they face by the ill-mannered design of the webpages that costs you those departing visitors.

Now after seeing what poor web design can do to your business, is it worth it to save a couple of bucks getting that “cheaper option”? Call Digital Performance today to get your website done right!