L&D Construction – Digital Performance

L&D Construction

Company Introduction

L&D Construction is new to the world but their talent has been here for a long time. Starting in 2019 by two good friends, L&D has been able to achieve great success in a short time working on both commercial and residential projects. With their knowledge of the construction world and their modern take on it, they look to take on the construction world from the ground up.

Project Goal

The team over at L&D came to us and said we need a site to represent our style. They gave us creative freedom over the site with the occasional input of a color here or specific image there. This allowed the Digital Performance team to really flourish in this and take on their own idea of what a construction website has to be.

First thing’s first. We needed a way to distinguish this site from the rest and that was by doing a color scheme that others haven’t seen on a building site. We took a different approach with a bright orange as the accent color with a black/grey alternating backgrounds. This allowed the orange to really jump off the page. Once we got the color scheme locked in, it was time to develop an easy and fast way for users to navigate around.

Navigation was made easy due to the use of buttons, navigation labels up top and overall theme to push users to contact them. Our websites always have a goal and the goal of this site is for visitors to get into contact with them and this is clearly conveyed by the use of elements that convert them from visiting into customers. Without a goal, your website gets lost in itself and is just kind of there with nothing to reach for. We couldn’t let that happen to this new company.

Overall this was a great project for the team as they were able to take creative freedom and run with it. This new, modern site will not look anything like your typical building website and it shouldn’t because the L&D team has a great personality that needed a website to show the same personality. It was an honor to put our name on this site and to work with such a great team over at L&D.