Organic Vs Paid Traffic

Organic Vs Paid Traffic

November 20, 2019



Apart from 19% of people who are using Yahoo and Bing for their relevant searches, the major part of traffic lands on a single search engine that is Google. People find this search engine effective and reliable for finding the answers to their queries. In today’s world, Google is a major player in the market. All the glory of searches and keywords is now running with Google only. If we see the average searches per second on Google, then it will exceed 65,000 counts per second. Having a small e-commerce website or business online requires a great amount of traffic to increase the sales and growth of the business. You may have the basic idea of how visitors impact a business.

Why is Traffic Differentiated?

For getting maximum traffic on your website, you have to rely on two sources which are organic traffic and paid traffic. Getting a good amount of traffic on your website is very challenging as you have to decide what type of traffic you want on your website. It can be either organic traffic or paid traffic for small business owners. If you consider paid traffic, then it is what the name says, a paid service. If you want an easier way to increase traffic on your website and you have a high budget to invest, then you can opt for paid traffic services. On the other hand, organic traffic services are free of cost, but it requires much harder work and research. It gets very tough for people to decide which service will be better for them. They sometimes misjudge the market and choose the wrong path that involves huge losses later on. Let’s take a look at some facts of organic and paid traffic and how you can decide which one is better for you and your business.

How is Traffic Achieved?

Getting traffic on your business and website is not an easy process. You have to go through various complex methods to achieve some market traffic. Many visitors will go to your website when they have your business information or business cards. They also visit your website if they remember the address of your website. Have you ever thought of visitors that are visiting your website by doing some random searches? The numbers of known people are very less comparatively of random people out there. You can only grow your business when large groups of viewers will visit your website and make some purchases through it. To allow random people to reach your website, you have to spend some time on managing organic traffic to your website so that the ranking of your website could get better than your market competitors.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is managed by doing search engine optimization of your website, also known as SEO. You have to perform various methods and research to list your website on the top page of Google’s search results. If it happens, the traffic quantity will automatically increase for your website. Let’s see some of the benefits that you can get by doing the search engine optimization of your website.

  1. Content Quality – Search engines like Google have some algorithms that are used to give more preferences to those websites that have constant usage of quality content on their websites. This process is done by using content, articles, and blogs that are related or connected to the niche.
  2. Backlink Support – The strategy of building links to your websites will engage more visitors to your website through different links. Visitors will directly land on your website. It will also boost the ranking of it, allowing more random people to view your website.
  3. Social Media Marketing – The brand name will increase on various social media platforms that allow more viewers to access content on your website. Social media is a vast platform and you can get better traffic quality.
  4. Advanced Techniques of SEO – It also includes some SEO techniques that contribute to other blogs and sites. This is also done by the means of curating RSS feeds, guest posts, bookmarking, and commenting. This benefits both sides and allows you to grow your business.

Cons Related to Organic Traffic

  • The result may vary for everyone as it is heavily dependent upon the SEO skills of the person.
  • It takes more time that can extend to a couple of months before it starts giving some results.
  • Making changes in the keywords and researching it is a very long process and quite tough for many people.
  • The rank for each and every keyword is not an easy task to achieve and for some keywords, it is also not possible.
  • The results you get from organic traffic can still be below the results of paid traffic.

Paid Traffic

Getting traffic to your website through paid methods is easy compared to organic traffic. Paid traffic is achieved by both online and offline methods of marketing. In offline marketing, the main focus is on creating awareness of the brand name. It is done by various methods that include television ads, pamphlets, billboards, and telemarketing. In the process of online marketing, the traffic is gathered on your websites through email marketing, pay-per-click and paid banner ads. Let’s see some features of the paid marketing methods.

  1. Displaying Ads – An advertisement for your website with a picture will be displayed on the side of the websites.
  2. Social Media Marketing – It includes the promotion of your brand and business on social media through sponsored ads and content.
  3. Google Ads – You will get to display your business through Google AdWords, which is done through paid advertisements.
  4. Influencer Marketing – This part will be done by some well-known personality and celebrity who will market your business in front of a larger audience.

Cons Related to Paid Traffic

  • The traffic you will achieve through paid methods won’t be that sustainable.
  • It costs you a bigger sum of money and the traffic quantity you will achieve might not be necessary to get a convert.
  • An expert in paid traffic has to continuously manage the network campaigns for getting higher outputs.
  • You need to put much effort into the designing of your website so that it could ensure a better conversion ratio.

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