Apex Reps

Company Introduction

Apex is a relationship-focused outsource sales and marketing company. Originally known as jpo/dow inc., Apex has a rich history in the janitorial/maintenance, industrial supply and foodservice industries dating back to 1980.

Project Goal

The main goal of this website was to get it updated from its early roots. A lot of the site needed to be completely redesigned and becomes functional so the company can use the site as a selling point and point to it during meetings with potential prospects. It was in dire need of functionality and personality

With the initial meeting, we knew we needed to hit more on the corporate aspect of their business but the Apex team has a fantastic personality to them. This needed to be reflected in the site. After the initial mockups came out, we both decided that it is ok to stray away from the traditional modern corporate websites that we all see today.

With this, we were able to explore colorful pallets instead of a grayscale, lifeless color scheme. This opened up ideas and paths that were not possible of their old site. We splashed into modern web design with some much-needed personality.

Icons became a staple point in their site as they show so much in this small image but it represents them perfectly. We added caricatures of their team members instead of having the traditional “About Us” page done. With their input, we truly put together a site that they think reflects them best. The standard is not for everyone and we were happy to explore that with them. This is a site that we are happy to put our name on and look forward to working with them to keep the site up to date and full of fresh ideas.