Bender Parts

Company Introduction

Ultimate Tube Bender Parts Plus, Inc. can provide quality spare parts at an AFFORDABLE PRICE for most of your Pines bender needs. They also provide on-site tubing bender service work, machine evaluations & inspections, bender refurbishing & rebuilding, buy & sell used equipment and outsource your bending and fabricating requirements if necessary. Their repairs consist of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

Project Goal

Bender Parts came to the Digital Performance team to fix their website navigation. A lot of their parts were being lost in the site and no one could get to them. Luckily, they had a WordPress site and the team was able to go in and get all of their website adjusted properly. Along with this came cleaning up the overall interface of the site.

While it may not have been a complete overhaul, this project still took time and effort to plan how the site should flow accordingly. As stated before, the pages were a mess and products couldn’t be found. The team here at Digital Performance went through and did a deep dive into the backend of the site in order to give it a clean flow. The site ended up as seen and the new interface made it easier than ever to navigate through the site and find exactly what was needed.