L&D Construction

Company Introduction

L&D Construction is new to the world but their talent has been here for a long time. Starting in 2019 by two good friends, L&D has been able to achieve great success in a short time working on both commercial and residential projects. With their knowledge of the construction world and their modern take on it, they look to take on the construction world from the ground up.

Project Goal

Before the site came into fruition, the L&D team approached us about getting a killer logo done to represent their company. We wanted to keep it sleek, modern, and a way to distinguish their brand. The goal was to have a logo that doesn’t look like your average construction company because they are much more than that.

First, we looked at what do companies with great logos do well that we can incorporate? They keep it simple and straight to the point.

Our first step was to create some simple but still captures the essence of the company as a whole. The buildings with the steel beam was the outcome of this.

Next up was the font and we wanted something strong and bold. Typography is an underrated aspect of branding identity but no one wants to see Times New Roman in their logos. We chose this font because the letters are bold and blocky which flows well into the linework of the logo itself. But font can’t be everything.

Take away the font and you still have a great looking logo that is easily distinguishable from other companies in the industry. 

We enjoyed working with the L&D team to go through revisions until we got this perfectly right for them.