MC Building Inc.

Company Introduction

MC Building, Inc.’s origins began in 1978 and carried on from father to son. Their expertise and experience become available to their custom home clients who are interested in value, quality, and craftsmanship. MC Building builds with a specific set of companies behind them which intrigued the Digital Performance team the most.

Project Goal

The main goal of this website was to recover it from its original state. The original site was rough, to say the least. This was, in builder’s terms, a complete teardown and overhaul. With the cooperation of the MC Building team and the Digital Performance team, we were able to deliver a site that other companies would be excited to partner with as this was MC Building’s main goal.

Oh how far we have come from this.

From the jump, we knew this builder site was not going to be like the rest. This was a builder who took pride in who they build with and what products are used during this time. We loved that concept and this let us build out additional pages on the site to gain interest from more perspective sponsors.

Coming from the original site, the information needed to be reformatted and brought in with modern design in mind. After all, the information has not changed. But it does need to look good.

Overall we focused on creating a smoother, cleaner experience for the customers. The old site had navigation but it was rough, to say the least. The new site has clean and clear navigation with an easy way to contact the company and request more information or check out the products that they use in their building process.

This was a fun project for our team and we all enjoyed jumping into a new niche of home builders sites. Home builders tend to lean less on the marketing aspect of their company so we hope this site brings to the forefront the kind of impact that a website can make on your business.