Realtor Domination

Company Introduction

Realtor Domination came at an opportune time for the 99Media team down in Nashville. The market is booming and they are seeing a lot of realtors struggle with finding leads and not overspending to get said leads. So they created the perfect solution for the realtors. And thus, Realtor Domination was born.

Project Goal

The goal was to create a new logo that the realtors of Nashville would recognize. While wanting to keep the color scheme similar to that of the parent company, 99Media, they still wanted the logo to be able to stand alone without needing the help of the 99Media brand.

There is not a lot new to be said about this logo as the design process was very similar to that of 99Media’s. Create a new logo that will stand out around companies in the same industry while keeping the branding identity similar to that of the parent company.