Website Design

Website Design

Want to stand out online? There are over 1 BILLION websites on the internet and you need to make sure yours represents you. That is where we come in. We talk with you through all your business/brand objectives and goals in order to build and design the perfect website.

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Website Design Features

What Makes Our Websites Better?

Our websites are carefully crafted after speaking with you, the client. After all, this is your website and needs to accomplish what you set out for!

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Responsive, Clean Design

With the Digital Performance team, you are getting something that is truly unique to you. All of our websites are handcrafted from scratch. You won’t see your web design anywhere else because it was built for you and you only. Our goal here is to create a truly digital experience unlike any of your competitors.

SEO Upon Creation

A lot of companies charge you an arm and leg for the website and then they want to charge you again to optimize it. How ridiculous is that? When your site is being built, SEO is always in mind and implemented along the way. Of course, SEO campaigns are recommended after site completion to keep it competitive.



Websites are great for looks and experience but what good are they if you don’t know who and how people are getting to your site? This is where monthly analytics reports come in handy. And no, we don’t just pull the stats into a spreadsheet and hand it over. It is broken down in easy to understand format so you may use it properly.


Mobile Optimized

Google estimates that 50% of searches are coming from a mobile device. So if your site is broken on mobile, you lost half the audience. No need to fear, Digital Performance is here. All of our sites are hand tested before deploying live to ensure the quality of the site and that you have a happy and easy site launch.


Strategy Involved

A lot of websites on the internet are built to be pretty and nothing else. Here at Digital Performance, we have a reason behind our websites. Whether that be to convert more visitors into virtual sales or if it means educating your customers before they come in, we work with you to establish a worthwhile website goal.


Rocket Fast

People have an attention span of 8 seconds. Less than a goldfish actually. If they spend that time loading into your website, you’ve already lost them before they even got there. All of our websites are built to perform. No downtimes and blazing fast loading times. Why miss out on customers for not loading fast enough?

Web Design

Not just a pretty face.

Don’t get us wrong, it is a good looking website. However, websites can’t just be about looks anymore. They need purpose. They need vision. This is why Digital Performance was created. To bring this experience to businesses of all sizes.

A Sneak Peak

Our Process and Workflow

Take a step into the mind of the Digital Performance team.

Initial Planning

The first order of business is to sit down with your team and create a detailed set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a roadmap for the rest of the web design process. During this meeting, we will be asking business-oriented questions to gain a better understanding of what exactly you’ll need.


Wireframes are your first chance to visualize your website. While they’re not nearly as detailed as the final site will be, they give us a visual representation of the site’s overall layout. This will help us figure out how the site will need to flow and be pieced together as everything we do has a reason behind it.



Once wireframes are completed/approved, we’ll proceed with site mockups. These add color and a bit more detail to the initial wireframes, giving us a stronger visual representation of the final product. These can go back in forth as no copy has been added and it is all visuals. Feel free to use your revisions during this time.

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Copy & Graphics

Upon agreement of mockups, our team will proceed with development, kicking off two phases in unison. The first involves creating your site’s copy and graphics. Our team will get to work performing SEO and competitive research and come up with the copy and images that will flesh out your final site.

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At the same time, we’ll kick off the technical side of the web design process. This will include deploying your CMS, creating your custom theme and page designs, and setting up your website’s analytics. This is where the magic happens visually. All of your content will start to be placed into a visually appealing site that you won’t even recognize from the wireframes.

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Once our writers, designers, and developers have finished their work, our Quality Assurance team will get to work testing your site’s performance and reliability. We’ll use various tools to benchmark your site for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that it works reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices. Then it is showtime!


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Launch & Optimization

Once we’re sure that your site is ready to be released to the public, we’ll deploy it on your public domain. Then, we’ll shift into a monthly support process that will continue if purchased. During that period, we’ll create monthly backups of your site, update scripts and plugins to maintain security and reliability, and perform layout and content updates at your request.

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