Search Engine Optimization

93% of all online experiences starts with a search engine. You want to be found when those searches start. With Digital Performance, you’ll be at the forefront of those searches.

What is SEO?

This word keeps getting thrown around to businesses. But for someone not doing digital marketing, it is just an acronym with no meaning. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the practice of optimizing content to become relevant and ranking within the major search engines I.E Google, Bing, Yahoo. This is in order to bring in organic traffic to your website. Keyword being organic traffic as paid traffic such as ads allows you to pop up when certain phrases or words are searched as SEO is all about natural and organically being found.

3 Key Features Of Our Successful SEO Campaigns

Learn The Customer

It is hard to optimize your site without knowing what your customers are searching. We learn customers and their search habits.

Optimized Content

When we have an understanding of the customer base, we can start to tailor content to their searches. This increases the odds of them finding our content and using it.

Maximized Conversions

Now that customers are searching and finding your tailored content, it is time to convert these into sales and lifelong users of your product/services.

Successful SEO Campaign Roadmap

Auditing Your Site

The first steps in auditing a website for SEO is to learn your current rank, review websites analytics, and determine the keywords that will set you apart.

Fix Any Flawed Design

But wait, this is an SEO campaign. What does design have to do with this? Poorly built, outdated, and non-user-friendly websites will see no difference in an SEO campaign. We will crawl through your site and either fix everything or do a complete overhaul to get you ready for an awesome campaign.


Keyword & Topic Research

We need to come up with the topics we want to focus on for the campaign. Topics are more specialized whereas keywords tend to be broader but we want to target both in order to get the most out of the campaign. Our team will sit and brainstorm with you to give you a better understanding of where to start.

Create A Content Strategy

As said before, content is king. This still holds true and will not be going anywhere. After figuring out keywords and topics, we need content to actually implement those words onto the site and become the hub for people researching those topics. This is where copywriting will be very important. If you are not comfortable writing the content for your post, we do offer copywriting services but this content needs to display that you are the authoritative unit on this subject.

Begin Link Building

Backlinks are one of the many keys needed to create a successful SEO campaign. Now you’ve created awesome pieces of content but they aren’t getting any eyes on them. This is where we will go in and start marketing your content to other pages to try and gain backlinks from there page to yours. Google then starts to see your site as a trustworthy site thus moving you up the rankings. This step needs to be done ethically because it only takes 1 piece of bad ethical link building for Google to flag your page.

Optimize & Expand

SEO is not something you set up once and forget about. It requires monthly attention to stay relevant to the millions of new web pages coming out every day. This is why using us is such a great advantage. You don’t have to worry about doing it yourself, your SEO is on autopilot thanks to us as we keep your content flowing and stay relevant in the search engines.

SEO Facts


Of SEO is off-page while 25% is on page


Top 5 search results get this amount of the clicks

Searches per second on Google


Of all website traffic comes from organic search

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